NBA set to release league-sanctioned champagne

The NBA is close to heading into a lockout that would stem much of the momentum from a recent banner season.

Even with all that uncertainty approaching, the league apparently is moving forward with its plans to release a league-sponsored champagne. It is believed to be the first time that a league logo has ever been featured on an alcoholic beverage.

Robin Leach of the Las Vegas Sun — yes, that Robin Leach — reports that the new NBA-sanctioned Les Jeux (The Game) French champagne was distributed at Shaquille O’Neal’s retirement party over the weekend in Las Vegas. O’Neal received a magnum of the new product.

These bottles will have the NBA insignia logo on its label. The owners of the wine company told Leach they plan to launch the win in Las Vegas with several NBA star player appearances.

Considering the backswell of public sentiment that I’m expecting once the lockout hits, I wouldn’t bet we’ll be seeing this product in our neighborhood Don and Ben’s anytime soon here in San Antonio.

But those of you heading to Las Vegas in the near future, you might want to sample a taste or two.


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