VIDEO: Cain Says Blacks ‘Brainwashed’ Against GOP

VIDEO: Cain Says Blacks 'Brainwashed' Against GOP

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said during an interview that aired on CNN’s The Situation Room on Wednesday evening that some members of the African-American community “have been brainwashed into not being open-minded, not even considering a conservative point of view.”

He went on to say: “I have received some of that same vitriol simply because I am running for the Republican nomination as a conservative.” He added, “So it’s just brainwashing and people not being open-minded, pure and simple.”

Still, the surprise Florida straw poll winner remains hopeful, saying that he meets black supporters all the time. This whole notion that all black Americans are necessarily going to stay and vote Democrat and vote for Obama, that’s simply not true,” he said. Cain continued: “I believe a third [of African-Americans] would vote for me, based on my own anecdotal feedback. Not vote for me because I’m black but because of my policies.”

Unfortunately, this is more of the same “vitriol” from Herman Cain. He should remain focused on the issues instead of making provocative remarks about race and religion in order to cater to the Tea Party.

Facebook Admits to Tracking Logged-Out Users…

Spotify dropped the undeletable cookie, but Facebook has now admitted to tracking users — even when they’re logged off.  That is, through various cookies and unique identifiers sent from like buttons, all of which are complicated to remove. “Even if you are logged out, Facebook still knows and can track every page you visit,” programmer and technologist Nik Cubrilovic exposed in arecent blog.

“The only solution is to delete every Facebook cookie in your browser, or to use a separate browser for Facebook interactions.”

This also means that users will probably share more activity than they intended, thanks to ‘lubricated’ APIs.  But don’t worry, Facebook can explain.  Perhaps attempting to contain another privacy blow-up, Facebook told the Wall Street Journal that this complicated cookie-and-identifier setup is all about security.  That is, preventing false logins and phishing attacks without extra authentication.

And, Facebook further claimed that all of this logged-out data is immediately deleted (you’ll just have to trust them on that). “The onus is on us to take all the data and scrub it,” said Arturo Bejar, Facebook’s director of Engineering.  “What really matters is what we say as a company and back it up.”

Facebook is no stranger to these sorts of breach controversies.  The company has been caught improperly collecting data on a number of occasions, and its security standards are, let’s say, insecure.

All of which raises another question about Spotify’s decision to attach themselves to the Facebook hip.  Because these things don’t always end well.

San Antonio ranks as one of nation’s most livable cities

San Antonio has been ranked one of America’s Best Places to Live by because of the city’s relatively low unemployment, bountiful bars and restaurants, and great air quality.

San Antonio ranked 40th on the magazine’s list. The Alamo City would have ranked higher on the list had it not been for the fact that it had the highest level of property crime on the 50 Best Cities list, the magazine reports.

About 23.4 percent of San Antonio adult residents have bachelor’s degrees. However, an estimated 18.6 percent of the people in San Antonio live below the poverty level. The median household income is $43,087. There are also 386 bars, 2,675 restaurants, 106 museums, 12 colleges and 36 libraries. The city also has 17 park acres per 1,000 residents, according to Bloomberg.

Elsewhere in Texas, Plano ranked 11th, Austin ranked 12th, Houston ranked 35th, Dallas ranked 42nd and Irving ranked 50th.

The full list of the Top 50 Best Places to Live can be found here.