Arbitron data shows San Antonio is growing media market

Size does matter when it comes to media clout and what that means for a city.

The good news for San Antonio is that the Alamo City has gained some important media muscle, according to Arbitron Inc.

Now, it’s up to city leaders to leverage that growth.

Arbitron reports in its Fall 2011 Market Survey that the Alamo City has moved up from the No. 31 spot on its Metro Survey Area Rankings and Population list to 28.

The new ranking is based on San Antonio’s estimated metro population of 1.8 million people ages 12 and up.

Arbitron carries plenty of weight in the media industry.

Its new survey puts the San Antonio metro area ahead of markets such as Cincinnati, Cleveland, Kansas City, Orlando, Indianapolis and New Orleans.

Based on the Arbitron rankings, San Antonio is less than 200,000 people shy of the 25th spot, currently held by Pittsburgh.

Border Media Partners founder Tom Castro told the Business Journal back in 2006 that the Alamo City had become a “very attractive” media market because it had “lots of unique characteristics that are getting people’s attention.”

He predicted at the time that, within a few years, San Antonio would become a “top-25 market.”


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