San Antonio would get $104 million under Obama’s job plan

President Barack Obama speaks about the American Jobs Act, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011, at Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School in Columbus, Ohio. Photo: Tony Dejak / AP




WASHINGTON — Texas schools would get $2.3 billion in federal construction money under the jobs proposal sent by President Barack Obama to Congress this week, including $104 million for San Antonio schools, officials said Tuesday.

Obama was stumping in Ohio for his $447 billion jobs bill, which includes the funds to renovate and improve the 100 largest, high-need public school districts.

“Every child deserves a great school, and we can give it to them,” Obama told parents and students in Columbus, Ohio. “But we’ve got to pass this bill.”

Under the president’s proposal, the San Antonio Independent School District would get $69 million and Northside ISD would get $35 million, according to estimates released by the White House.

“This would be a good infusion of capital into the San Antonio economy and we would welcome and put to good use these federal funds for renovation and construction of schools,” said Pascual Gonzalez, a Northside spokesman.

Of the Texas school districts, Houston would see the most under the jobs plan, with $233 million estimated for renovation and repairs there. Dallas would see $191 million, while Fort Worth would get $85 million and Austin, $69 million.

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