Twitter Is Now Following the Music Industry In a Serious Way…

Twitter is now expanding its strategy of brokering high-impact media relationships, and that could mean some very interesting music industry deals ahead.  Already, the company is putting the final touches on a big partnership with ‘The X Factor’ in the US, one that involves realtime voting and feedback. But that’s just a humble beginning.

‘The X Factor’ handshake smartly expands voting beyond texting.  And, Twitter is changing the rules a bit for the show.  Basically, voting is happening through direct messages – not mentions – a move that keeps things confidential until the final vote. But this is a customized job: @TheXFactorUSA does not have to follow you back to receive your vote, a special exception also enjoyed by other Certified Accounts.

The action officially starts next week, and is part of a broader relationship that also involves mutual branding, expanded feedback for show producers, and, a compendium of tweets from judging luminaries like Simon and Nicole Scherzinger.

Actually, the X Factor deal is probably more about Twitter’s television strategy than anything else. But that’s all part of a far broader Twitter bearhug involving television, music, and other media hubs. But there’s now an entire content and programming team headed by former Current TV executive Chloe Sladden.  That now includes Tatiana Simonian, whose Twitter profile page (@drtatiana) now features the title, ‘Music Partnerships @ Twitter’.  Simonian, who has pedigree at places like Disney Music Group, also confirmed the position to Digital Music News on Wednesday.

We’ve already seen some very cool music integrations. Rdio and its Twitter-integrated stream-sharing comes to mind, though somehow that all got buried under the pile.  But, that may offer a taste of the type of integrated collaboration the music industry can expect in the coming weeks and months.


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