Obama Unveils Student Loan Relief Plans

President Obama announced Wednesday that he will authorize changes in federal policy to make college loans more affordable and easier to repay for millions of economically trapped borrowers.
The president’s plan, which he will impose by executive authority, is aimed at addressing a sector of the credit market that has become increasingly problematic in the bad economy and that gained renewed attention through the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has made student-loan relief one of its objectives.

The initiative was also an effort to reach out to a voting bloc that was crucial to Obama’s winning 2008 coalition, a bloc that he will need next year as well.

Obama told thousands of cheering students at the University of Colorado’s Denver campus that his administration will no longer wait for Congress to respond to the rising financial burden of higher education. The president also told the students that he and first lady Michelle Obama empathize with their plight.

“We were paying more on our student loans than we were paying on our mortgage each month,” he said. “How do we make college more affordable, and how do we reduce your burden?”

The president’s “Know Before You Owe” plan would allow some college graduates to limit federal student loan repayments to 10 percent of discretionary income starting in January, two years before the cap was due to take effect under federal law.

The accelerated “pay as you earn” option could benefit up to 1.6 million low-income borrowers and reduce their payments by as much as a couple of hundred dollars a month, administration officials said.

All remaining debt on the federal loans would be forgiven after 20 years — five years earlier than under current law. To qualify, borrowers must have student loans in 2012 and have had loans in at least one of the previous four years.


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