What impact will another round of military cuts have on San Antonio?|WOAI: San Antonio News

SAN ANTONIO – City and county leaders say it’s too soon to speculate how a recently announced plan to make more cuts to the Department of Defense will affect this area.

Robert Murdock is a retired Brigadeer General with the Air Force and now he heads the city’s Office of Military Affairs. In July 2001, Murdock was in charge when a BRAC ordered the shut down of Kelly Air Force Base.

Murdock says the 2005 BRAC opened new economic opportunities for San Antonio.

“Over three billion in construction over at Fort Sam and addition construction at Lackland Air Force Base,” he explained. “San Antonio was a huge positive winner as a result of the 05 BRAC.”

Murdock annd Judge Nelson Wolff are cautiously optimistic. But Wolff knows cuts to the military could mean job losses.

“If there are cuts, you can get them in the private sector,” said Wolff.

Judge Wolff knows the serious impact if defense companies lose major contracts with the military. But he doesn’t think this will happen. According to the judge, the city and county will likely join forces — as they did under the 2005 BRAC — setting up a commission and spending thousands of dollars to lobby congressional leaders in Washington against any cuts to the military.

“Maybe that’s the same structure we would use to pull together a good, strong lobbying effort both with congress and the military,” Wolff said.

The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce is also planning its SA to DC trip on February 26 to meet with government leaders and the pending BRAC will be a definite topic of conversation.

via What impact will another round of military cuts have on San Antonio?|WOAI: San Antonio News.


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