@SoleBoutique Presents: Sneaker Palooza Volume 3 (March 11, 2012)

Sneaker Palooza Volume 3 is just around the corner March 11, 2012, this year Pusha T and Asher Roth will headline. Sneaker Palooza is a street-culture event that showcases San Antonio’s up and coming artists (musicians, art, graffiti artist, b-boys and girls, local fashion designers, and sneaker enthusiast). The goal of the event is to offer a platform for our community to express their artistic talents and lift that negative connotation that surrounds street-culture. The venue for this years event is The San Antonio Shriner Auditorium. The theme of Volume 3 is “Stop The Violence”, due to the tragic death of my brother by a senseless act of anger. This year a portion of the proceeds will benefit Margaret McCombs, the young lady who was also affected by this tragedy and is paralyzed from her chest down. Join us as we showcase the many talented folks in the San Antonio area and great performances. Pre-sale tickets are $40.


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