LOL!? :-/ –> The Princess and The Frog: Controversy Continues with Watermelon Candy


Disney's Black Princess Sells Watermelon Candy

The Society Pages

When The Princess and the Frogwas released in 2009, folks feared that the first Disney film to feature a black princess would be riddled with racist images and stereotypes. Disney offered plenty of fuel for that fire, as critics took issue with Princess Tiana’s portrayal as a maid, the Haitian medicine man who wore an African mask and dabbled in voodoo, and the Mammy-like fairy godmother. Oh, and there was of course the fact that Princess Tiana spends most of her time on screen not as a black princess,but as a frog.

And to keep the tradition of racial insensitivity going, The Society Pages reports that Disney recently used Princess Tiana’s image to promote its watermelon-flavored, Valentine’s Day-themed candy, Dig n’ Dips. What’s worse? White Sleeping Beauty appears alongside Tiana promoting the vanilla-flavored version.

Did no one at Disney stop to think that this might be a bad idea? It’s hard to imagine that a multi-million dollar empire and an American cultural institution could so foolishly play right into one of the most pervasive black racist stereotypes. It’s also hard to imagine what Disney will say in its defense, but “it wasn’t intentional” probably won’t cut it. We don’t know what’s worse: a purposeful nod to the “black folks love watermelon” cliché, or the complete cluelessness to the fact that such a stereotype exists.

Read more at The Society Pages.


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