Usher Cast To Play Boxing Great Sugar Ray Leonard

UsherIn the next few months, you might see Usher “in corners boxing” as he prepares for a major role — portraying Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard.

Usher has just been cast to play the legendary boxer in a forthcoming biopic titled “Hands of Stone.”

While the film is not based on Leonard, instead focusing on Panamanian fighter Roberto Duran, Usher joins a cast that includes Robert De Niro, Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) and Al Pacino.

“If you see me in the corners boxing… I’m in preparation for a very incredible role,” Usher told BBC Thursday. “If you guys see me running around London that’s what it is.”

Production of ‘Hands of Stone’ is to begin later this year.

While the role is big for the “Climax” singer, it is not the only script he is focusing on. According to Usher, several roles have come his way in recent weeks.

“I’ve actually received a few requests as a result of that video,” Usher said, citing his brand new video for “Climax.” “I can’t do them all, but I try my best to be as smart in my selection of roles as I go forward.”

Usher was last seen in Killers (2010)


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