Beyonce Pens Michelle Obama Open Letter

Beyonce has been inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama, which is the reason why she has written a letter to thank the powerful lady for being a role model for her, her baby Blue Ivy and millions of other women.

In the hand written piece posted on the iconic singer’s official website and Tumblr page, Beyonce who sang at President Obama’s inauguration called Mrs Obama the ultimate example.

The “I Was Here” artist went on to praise the politician for being so caring and loving.

The artist who has been in the public’s eyes since she was nine years of age congratulated the mother of two for never folding under pressure – as Hillary Clinton has previously stated the political kitchen can get really heated and Republicans love to see Democrats burn and melt.

Beyonce who actively supported Obama in 2008 with husband Jay-Z (and maybe Blue LOL) will be campaigning for his re-election with other big names such as Eva Longoria, George Clooney and Natalie Portman.

Read the moving letter below.


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