Houston, Dallas more cool than San Antonio, according to Forbes… *BUT WAIT…there’s more…* :-/

The fact that Forbes has ranked Houston as the “coolest” city in America likely even caught folks in H-Town by surprise.

Now, to be clear, the rankings are based more on livability than lack of humidity.

If cities were ranked according to the latter, Houston would fall somewhere around 275 — between Phoenix and Lake Charles.

Still, Houston had to be the underdog choice for the top spot.

Forbes says it attempted to rank cities based on criteria such as entertainment options per capita, art and culture, recreational opportunities and amount of green space, as well as the number of pro and college sports teams in a given market. The quality of those pro teams must not be important.

So the selection of Houston as numero uno on the cool list raises some eyebrows.

Where does San Antonio rank on the Forbes list? No. 11. That’s only one spot behind New York and ahead of Chicago.

The folks at City Hall and the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau may take issue with the fact that we’re not ranked higher. But it could have been worse.

Austin is ranked 19th — behind such cities as Oakland, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Fort Worth.

You know that just steams the Capital City hipsters who are certain that Austin is the coolest place in the universe.

Forbes Ranking of Coolest Cities

1. Houston

2. Washington, D.C.

3. Los Angeles

4. Dallas

5. Seattle

6. San Diego

7. Boston

8. Orange County

9. San Francisco

10. New York

11. San Antonio

12. Chicago

13. Fort Worth

14. Baltimore

15. Philadelphia

16. Oakland

17. Bethesda, Md.

18. Minneapolis

19. Austin

20. Denver

via Houston, Dallas more cool than San Antonio, according to Forbes – San Antonio Business Journal.


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