SAT Reading Scores Are the Lowest They’ve Been in 40 Years

Coming in with an average SAT reading score of 496, 2012’s graduating  seniors have the dubious distinction of having attained the worst  reading score since 1972. (For those test-takers of a certain age and  test-taking history, “reading” is actually that part we knew as  “verbal.”) Regardless of what you call(ed) it, “The average reading  score for the Class of 2012 was 496, down one point from the previous  year and 34 points since 1972,” reports the Washington Post‘s Emma Brown, gleaning numbers from the College Board, the organization that administers the test.

What’s troubling beyond the low average score is that seniors’ scores  in “writing,” a section related to “reading” and for most of us, life in some way or another, also dropped—to 488—a decrease of nine points  since the College Board started testing for it in 2006. So what gives?  Are future generations illiterate? Is the SAT too hard? As Po Bronson wrote for the Daily Beast in 2009, “It’s commonly said that the SAT, taken in a  senior year of high school, has only about a 40% correlation with a  student’s freshman year college GPA.” That line of thinking implied by  that statement is that numbers are just numbers, to some extent, and not predictors of future successes, necessarily. They are general  predictors of who will get into which colleges, though, and Bronson goes on to defend the SAT, writing, “I’ve always had a skeptical feeling  about the 40% correlation statistic, and so I’ve never relied on it or  used it in print.”

Brown writes that the reading scores may have been affected by minority test takers, who came out and took the test in record numbers: “The  declining national reading averages may in part reflect the  ever-widening pool of students who take the SAT, first administered in  1926 to a few thousand college applicants.” She continues, “More than  1.66 million graduating seniors last year took the test, the highest  number in history. Nearly half were minorities and about a quarter  reported that English was not exclusively their first language. More  than a quarter of public school test-takers — 27 percent — had family  income low enough to qualify for a fee waiver, and more than a third — 36 percent — reported that their parents had not gone to college.”

More kids taking the SAT is probably a good thing, though the sweeping  assumption that minority test takers are naturally worse than their  non-minority counterparts at the “reading” section doesn’t tell the  entire story, either. As Bronson wrote, “It’s still worthwhile to  explore why people succeed, both at school and in real life.” The  reverse is true, too.


Roscoe Dash Turn’t Up Over LP Credits

Roscoe Dash was fired up earlier today for not receiving credit on the G.O.O.D. Music compilation, Cruel Summer. He also mentioned that he wasn’t recognized for his work on Kanye’s “To The World” and Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb”.  Below is what  what he said via his Twitter account—written by himself, of course.

Everybody go get the G.O.O.D album and listen to #1 then watch @kanyewest interview … & tell me y I’m not on the credits. Can’t do favors for niggas bcuz no matter how humble and generous u r to ppl niggas will take everything u have … Even niggas u look up to. The most talented ppl get the least credit for everything and the crazy part is they put in the MOST work…

Same shyt with @wale lotus flower bomb I wrote that for him b4 he even signed to Ross & it went #1 ….but nobody would kno that cuz I’m not in the credits. But EVERYTHING must eventually come to the light…. & I’m only speaking on this publicly bcuz there are so many ppl who wanna be apart of the industry but dnt Kno half of the shit that goes on.

Bank of America to cut 16,000 jobs this year – San Antonio Business Journal

Bank of America Corp. expects to cut 16,000 jobs by the end of the year to address declining revenues.

The cuts would shrink the bank’s workforce below that of rivals JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Wells Fargo & Co.

Bank of America is currently the second largest bank in the U.S. and had 275,460 employees at the end of the second quarter. Bank of America says it plans to eliminate $5 billion in annual expenses and 30,000 jobs by the end of 2013.

Charlotte-based Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) has 40 branches in the San Antonio market.

Reebok Question Mid White/Blue

Reebok Question Mid White/Blue

First worn during his dazzling rookie season where he made breaking ankles a nightly affair, Allen Iverson’s signature Question shoe is getting re-released in white/blue. Having seen the white/red affair in the past, the mid-cut trainer features a full-grain leather upper, translucent outsole, honeycomb-shaped Hexalite cushioning system and pearlized blue toe. The Reebok Question Mid will be a one time drop at select retailers – including Jimmy Jazz, Villa, City Gear, DTLR, Walters, Shiekhs, Shoe Palace, Active Athlete, Shoe City, Expressions and City Sports – and will be available on October 5 for $125 USD.

$1,000,000 Bond Set for Man Suspected of ESPN Death Threat Involving Nike LeBron X

$1,000,000 Bond Set for Man Suspected of ESPN Death Threat Involving Nike LeBron X

The uproar and fervor caused by the announcement of the Nike LeBron X and the $270 USD price tag accompanying the release has resulted in the arrest of a man who allegedly threatened bodily harm towards minors as a result. When the conversation on an ESPN thread alluded to violence as a result of people being robbed for the pricey sneakers, Eric Yee – a former Yale student – threatened that he was “watching children and wouldn’t mind killing them.” Seeing as how the ESPN threads are closely monitored, Bristol employees contacted the police who in turn arrested Yee for making terrorist threats. To put it in perspective, $1 million USD is the presumptive bail for murder in most states – but the bail was set that high because the threat involved children, Yee’s home’s proximity to two schools and several unregistered weapons that have been recovered after his arrest. What are your thoughts on inflated sneaker box prices and the effect they will have on the sneaker community? Sound off below.

Source: Huffington Post