Armond Armstead, Former USC Football Player, Sues School For Heart Attack (VIDEO)

A former USC football player is suing the university, claiming that mandatory injections led him to have a heart attack.

Armond Armstead, a 22-year-old defensive lineman, filed a suit Thursday alleging that painkillers caused a heart attack, which ruined his chances of playing in the NFL. While the lawsuit does not disclose a financial settlement amount, he may request an NFL player’s multi-million-dollar salary, the Daily Trojan reports.

The suit alleges that Armstead was injected 10 times over a period of a few weeks during the 2010 season, sometimes twice a day, with anti-inflammatory drug Toradol and other anti-inflammatory drugs “in a quantity and frequency that exceeded maximum dosage guidelines, recommendations and restrictions,” USA Today reports. Roger A. Dreyer, Armstead’s lawyer, said “these injections were mandatory. This is not something where Armond said, ‘I want an injection,'” the Los Angeles Times reports.

During the winter of 2011, the 6’5″ 295-pound player went to USC’s health center complaining of chest pains and was injected twice with Toradol, according to the lawsuit. In March 2011, he was hospitalized after physicians at USC University Hospital determined he had suffered a heart attack, the Long Beach Press-Telegram reports.

Dreyer commented that there’s something wrong when “a 20-year-old kid, beyond fit, a world-class athlete… has a heart attack because of something USC administered,” the Sacramento Bee reports.

via Armond Armstead, Former USC Football Player, Sues School For Heart Attack (VIDEO).


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