Spurs valued at $527 million by Forbes

The Spurs’ worth has jumped 26 percent from last season, according to the latest team valuations by Forbes Magazine.

The Spurs are the 10th-most valuable NBA franchise at $527 million, a substantial improvement over 2011-12 ($418 million, ninth) and 2010-11 ($404 million, ninth). That’s roughly seven times the $76 million Peter Holt shelled out to buy the franchise in 1996.

The Spurs were also listed with an operating income of $14.7 million for last season with the sixth-lowest debt rate in the NBA at nine percent.

According to Forbes, the Spurs had an operating income of roughly $148.6 million over the past decade, losing money in just one season. (Note: Forbes defines operating income as “earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.”)

The Forbes list shows substantial improvement across the board, with the value of 29 teams climbing at least 11 percent. The Knicks and the Lakers are the first two NBA franchises to be valued at $1 billion.

The 2013 top 10:

1. New York Knicks, $1.1 billion

2. Los Angeles Lakers, $1.0 billion

3. Chicago, $800 million

4. Boston, $730 million

5. Dallas, $685 million

6. Miami, $625 million

7. Houston, $568 million

8. Golden State, $555 million

9. Brooklyn, $530 million

10. Spurs, $527 million


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