Spurs Nation » Pelicans-to-be unveil new colors, logo

In the weeks since news broke that the Hornets will be changing their nickname to the Pelicans, diligent researchers have learned that the bird is not the knock-kneed, goofy mascot some would believe.

Indeed, as Deadspin revealed in this awesome profile — which includes profanity, so be warned – pelicans actually belong to a special fraternity known as hypercarnivores, beasts whose diet consists of more than 70 percent meat.

The majority of which, in the case of the brown pelican, is consumed in disturbing, gruesome fashion. Like this, and this. So if you haven’t already, it’s about time to start Respecting The Pelican. (This means you, Sean Elliott.)

Especially now that we know what their mascot and color scheme will look like when the Hornets transition to their new nickname for next season. The details were officially released today at NBA.com, with blue, gold and red replacing the classic teal-and-purple scheme dating back to their origin as the Charlotte Hornets.

The primary logo is pictured, and several more secondaries can be seen via the link.

UPDATE: The Charlotte Bobcats announced late Thursday that they are “doing their due diligence” to possibly reclaim the Hornets identity.


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