14 People ‘Functionally Cured’ of HIV

The medical world is inching closer to a cure for HIV/AIDS. ABC News reports that 14 people in France have been “functionally cured” of the virus.

Fourteen patients who were treated within the first two months of infection were later able to stop combination antiretroviral therapy without an HIV rebound, according to Asier Sáez-Cirión of the Institut Pasteur in Paris.

While all 14 still have HIV, in most cases it can only be detected with ultrasensitive laboratory tests and is undetectable by standard methods, Sáez-Cirión and colleagues reported in the journal PLoS Pathogens.

But in all cases, the infection appears to be under control without the use of drugs – the definition of a functional cure, which unlike a “sterilizing” cure does not completely get rid of HIV.

Read more at ABC News.

Toyota i-ROAD Concept *tight… we live in the future :-/

Today, Toyota unveiled its i-ROAD Concept at the 83rd Geneva Auto Show. Certainly looking like something ahead of its time, the three-wheeled electric vehicle known as the Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) promises to draw on the maneuverability of a motorbike thanks to its “Active Lean” technology which uses a gyro-sensor to automatically balance the vehicle based on its steering angle and speed.

Powered by two 2kW motors, the emission-free PMV can be driven for about 30 miles and recharges in about three hours. Despite its size being about 92 inches long and 56 inches high, the i-ROAD manages to incorporate the protection of an automobile with a closed body that includes interior lighting, heating, sound system and Bluetooth connectivity.

Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Cleaning Kit

As any sneakerhead worth his weight in kicks will attest, maintaining one’s footwear is an ongoing — and sometimes tedious — task. Fortunately for the collector, Jason Markk provides one-stop solutions for today’s consumer with a range of premium goods and accessories tailored for the sneaker market. Showing a passion for sneaker care usually reserved for collecting, the label offers handcrafted wood block brushes, natural cleaning solutions and microfibre towels designed to keep shoes in pristine condition. The Standard Sneaker Cleaning Brush, with its synthetic bristles, is ideal for tackling dirt on midsoles, tough stains and all-around cleaning, while the Premium Shoe Cleaning Brush features handcrafted walnut wood and softer hog bristles better suited for delicate surfaces. Elsewhere, Jason Markk’s Premium Shoe Cleaner consists of a natural and completely biodegradable formula, while the label’s quick-drying Premium Microfibre Towel absorbs up to seven times its weight in water and is lint-free, hypoallergenic and machine-washable. And, should one wish for cleaning essentials in one convenient package, the 4oz. Premium Kit includes both a 4 oz. bottle of Premium Shoe Cleaner and a Standard Shoe Cleaning Brush in a resealable pouch.

Jason Markk’s sneaker care products are available now at our online store.

WOW… i mean thats tight foreal –> Soccket Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball

While soccer is the world’s most popular sport, there are millions across the globe who love the game but once it’s over don’t have basic human needs such as lights. That’s where Soccket saw an opportunity to help. Their new ball, which retails for $100 USD, has an internal mechanism that stores energy as the ball is moved, namely when it is being played with. The result is a single-bulb LED lamp that can generate light for up to 3 days. This not only might motivate you to get out and play, but the more balls Soccket sells, the more they can manufacture and deliver to those around the world without light.