Katt Williams’ Anti-Mexican Rant

Katt Williams' Anti-Mexican Rant

At a stand-up performance in Phoenix on Saturday, comedian Katt Williams got heckled by an audience member of Mexican descent and responded by straying from his routine to launch into a barrage of insults all focused on national origin and ethnicity. Many are calling the incident his “Michael Richards moment,” in a nod to the Seinfeldstar’s hateful n-word-ridden rant at his own heckler in 2006.

Williams’ initial “If I’m speaking out of line, let me know” comment and his attempt to backtrack with, “It’s not even racial,” make clear that the comedian himself knew he’d strayed way over to the nonfunny side of offensive.

A rough transcription of the remarks, courtesy of the Huffington Post:

Since y’all like it over here a lot. and I’m saying, if I’m speaking out of line, let me know. But I’m saying it appears to me, y’all like it over here a lot. And let me tell you why I’m making that assumption, because I have no right to make that assumption. But understand this, this what gives me the right, and don’t you get it twisted … If y’all had California and you loved it, then you shouldn’t have given that mothaf*cka up. You should have fought for California, goddamnit, since you love it …

Because you think I’m dissing Mexico and I’m defending America. Are you Mexican? Do you know where Mexico is? No this ain’t Mexico, it used to be Mexico, motherf*cker, and now it’s Phoenix, goddammit. USA! USA!

F*ck you back, n*gga. i bet you dont even go to mexico, motha f*cka… no n*gga, do you know where you at? USA! USA! I dont give a f*ck. no n*gga, this is my hood… [security comes] F*ck him! Mothaf*ckas think they can live in this country and pledge allegience to another country… do you remember when white people used to say go back to Africa? And we’d have to tell them we dont want to? So if you love Mexico, bitch, get the f*ck over there! [breaks into the National Anthem]..

We were slaves bitch, you just all work like that at the landscapers … It’s not even racial — you’re a bitch! I don’t give a f*ck what race that is, that’s a p*ssy.”


Minorities are Majority in 8 Major U.S. Cities


Minorities are Majority in 8 Major U.S. Cities

Minorities are now majority in some cities. (Thinkstock)

Carol Morello and Ted Mellnik of the Washington Post are reporting that minority populations are actually the majority in eight major metropolitan areas of the country. Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, New York, San Diego, Montgomery County, Md. and Prince William County, Va. are majority-minority communities. Non-Hispanic whites are a minority in 22 of the country’s 100-biggest urban areas.

The white population shrank in raw numbers in 42 of those big-city regions. But every large metro area showed a decline in the percentage of whites.

The shifts reflect the aging of the white population as more people get beyond their childbearing years and the relative youth of the Hispanic and Asian populations fueling most of the growth.

“What’s happened is pivotal,” said William Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution who conducted the analysis. “Large metropolitan areas will be the laboratories for change. The measures they take to help minorities assimilate and become part of the labor force will be studied by other parts of the country that are whiter and have­n’t been touched as much by the change.”

Researchers have been reporting that this is the direction in which the country is moving racially for the last couple of decades and now it is happening. It will be interesting to see how the United States responds to these growing populations. If the election of one black man to the office of President is any indicator, then we’re going to have our hands full.