Kanye West middle east drama

Kanye West, The Jack of all trades is at it again! Kanye West is working on plans to shoot a short film much like his 2010 clip “Runway,” this March, in either Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Doha Qatar. However, film negotiations have sparked an intense rivalry between government officials in the three locations. A source told the New York Observer that in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha all of the film initiatives are government controlled. This has brought about a heated bidding war between local officials and private investors, to decide who will bring Kanye West’s production to life.

The source also explained that the main issue in this conflict is simply that,  “They all want to claim the film as their own and take credit for generating the publicity.”

Kanye West’s initiative with the film is to break down the misconceptions and stereotypes that Westerners have fabricated about the Middle East. Kanye West plans to move his team out to the region so that they can provide an accurate representation of the culture. In the film they plan to use local royalty, production crews and talent. They are also committed to portraying the region in all positive aspects.

Also, in case you missed Kanye West’s twitter spree about a month back, Kanye West is in talks to jump on board as the creative director of the anticipated “Jetsons” movie.


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